This workshop draws from Fluxus (and broader traditions of ConceptualProcess, and Performance art)  to explore tactics for disruption within the prototyping process in design research/HCI. As such, we ask each participant to generate a “disruptive improvisation” that all participants can enact and reflect upon during the workshop. This improvisation should be able to be performed quickly and the participant should bring all materials required to complete the assignment. These should take the form of a set of instructions, recipes, or “event scores” for an activity that results in the production of a particular material thing and/or experience. The resulting things and/or experiences should speak in some way to the workshop themes of modesty, scarcity, uselessness, no-technology, and failure. We ask participants to take inspiration from the following (non-exhaustive) list of artworks and articles:


Contemporary Work

Related Reading

The tactics for disruptive improvisation will be documented and distributed at CHI 2018 as a zine/workbook. Our concept for the workbook will draw from independent publications that have sought to bring in new perspectives to their respective fields such as: