Rules of Play In Graphic Design

Send a Text Message
This workshop aims examines the visual conventions, technologies and activities associated with text messaging using digital devices that are part of our everyday life.

Round 1:
A. Select a portion from the provided text(s). B. Exchange with another participant.

Round 2:
A. Use the portion you were given in Round 1 and combine it with another portion from the provided text, which you select.
B. Make another version of Round 2, Part A using the provided text which expresses the opposite sentiment. C. Exchange these text compositions with two separate participants.

Round 3:
A. Combine the text compositions given to you to create one text message.
B. Exchange it with another participant.

Round 4:
A. Set down your first text message.

Round 5:
A. Run Round 1-Round 3 again
B. Associate your second message with your first message.

Nida Abdullah
Nida Abdullah is an Assistant Professor Department of Art, Art History and Design at Michigan State University. Her research explores communication and participation hierarchies in computer supported collaborative work (CSCW) processes and ad-hoc approaches as a model for design research, practice, and pedagogy.

She has worked on projects with various cultural and educational institutions, including MASS MoCA, Project M and Winterhouse, SOMArts Cultural Center, the United Nations, UNOY, The Duke Center for Science Education, and the IEI Public Policy Institute. She is currently a member of the AIGA National Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce where she works with the Education Committee. She holds a BGD and MGD from the College of Design at NC State University.

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