“Failing” to Make Wheels

wheelriverDuring the workshop:
Turn on the “guided” meditation we will provide.
We are sure you are all carrying some stuff with you. If not, find some stuff around you.

Pool all your stuff and use this stuff to create a kit of parts (materials, tools, whatever… sometimes things will be both…) that you think you would be able to use to fix stuff in your everyday environment. Create one for each person – you may swap, share, giveaway…

You may need to improvise tools. Things might be used as both tools and materials. You’ll probably want to take things apart, or to combine them in other ways.

You may find yourself talking about this task or very different things as you are guided by the meditation. Follow the train of thought if you wish.

After the workshop:
Use your kit for as long as you can. As you walk the neighbourhood fix things in the street that you notice. Some themes might include public safety and public service.

Keep fixing the kit as it will, of course, fall to pieces.

Find materials wherever you break down. You don’t need to buy things. You may want to ask people for stuff, and settle for what they “happen to have”.

See what happens. You might end up doing something different at any point.

You do not need to stay on task.

xin cheng
HFBK (University of Fine Arts) Hamburg
Lerchenfeld 2, 22081 Hamburg, Germany

chris berthelsen
a-small-lab.com small-workshop.info
28 Maxwelton Drive, Mairangi Bay, Auckland 0630, New Zealand

xin cheng and chris berthelsen met through a shared interest in the possibilities of tyres and have enjoyed many convivial explorations with people and stuff they have met since then, mostly in New Zealand. Some projects include Making Do (with Artspace), on enjoying our gardens and other wild places (Headland Sculpture on the Gulf), Small Modifications (Dunedin Public Art Gallery), a welcoming terrain for relaxing, making, eating and being together (Changing Lanes Auckland), and an invitation to think about Auckland housing differently (TEMP).

Since late 2016 xin has been doing an MFA as part of ‘Design for the Living World’ at HFBK Hamburg and has been running small modifications and improvising workshops with hackerspaces, community gardens and an art festival in Mexico, Germany and Italy.

Click here to read the full submission


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