Disrupting Stereotypical Views of Internet of Things for the Home

• Piece of paper (ideally tracing paper)
• Pen
• Smart phone (and access to photo collection)

• Turn on your phone and go to your photos.
• Find a photo that was taken in your home or in a place you recently stayed in.
• Place a piece of paper on top of your phone and trace the space and some objects from the space.
• Choose one quality of the space; write it down.
• Sketch a new IoT object or system inspired by the space and its quality (not about its current or future functionality).

Audrey Desjardins
School of Art + Art History + Design University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA
Audrey Desjardins is an assistant professor of interaction design in the School of Art + Art History + Design at the University of Washington in Seattle. Trained as an industrial designer and interaction design researcher, she uses design as a way to critically reflect on people’s creative tactics to make, adapt, and transform their homes and to investigate potential futures in domestic spaces. Her work results in new methodological frameworks and design guidelines to inform the design of interactive artifacts that are more appropriate and nuanced to fit in people’s homes.

Click here for the full submission


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