Design Research in the Pound Shop

I will provide participants with ‘lucky bags’ of items from my local pound shops and invite them to unbox and unpack the content in the form of improvised performances captured on video in the style of an unboxing video. We’ll do this with the aim to examining the objects in the hope of both understanding the forces that shaped, but not taking those forces too seriously. Working with trash in this way is not without risk, as with any practice involving subversive citation there is always a possibility that it will be read or re- appropriated to support the structures it is attempting to critique. However, trash has the potential to give us space to step outside repetitive cycles of consumption and production to look for something different.

Cally Gatehouse
Northumbria University
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Cally Gatehouse is a designer and researcher. She works as a graduate tutor at Northumbria University where she teaches graphic and interaction design and is working on a PhD on critical design, aesthetics, and counter publics.

Click here to read the full submission


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