Bodily Engagement for Cross-Disciplinary Practices of Imagination

The task requires various kinds of imagination that engages the body with conjured objects. Take as much time as needed to fully imagine the objects!

Part 1: The person faces the spectators. The person first imagines their computer in front of them. Next, they imagine a sledgehammer on the floor to their right. The person picks up the sledgehammer and
smashes their computer. The person immediately says the first word that comes to mind.

Part 2: The person moves three steps to the left. The person imagines a large puddle of thick mud in front of them. The person steps one foot at a time into the bucket of mud. Once both feet are fully steeped in mud, the person says the first word that comes to mind. Alternatively, the person can imagine a bucket of mud poured onto them.

Melissa Liu
Department of Anthropology University of Washington Seattle, WA
Melissa is a medical anthropology PhD student. Her research involves older adults, social factors of health, design thinking, and everyday urbanism.

Click here to read the full submission


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