3D Printing Self-Unmaking Objects

  1. melted_wallTake a polycaprolactone miniature brick from the provided pile.
  2. Decide how you are feeling today.
  3. Use a heat source (e.g. the author’s heat gun) to deform the brick according to your mood. You can heat the brick until it melts, or heat it just to soften it up and then work it with your fingers.
  4. When everyone has melted their bricks, build a wall by stacking. If this is not possible, use heat to bond bricks, or use tape, or whatever is lying around.

Jasper O’Leary
Human Centered Design and Engineering University of Washington
Seattle, WA, USA
I am a first year PhD student in Human Centered Design and Engineering at the University of Washington. I worked on this project because I am interested in using digital fabrication beyond the scale of trinkets, and instead at the scale of infrastructure. Unlike trinkets, infrastructure, corrodes, decays, and is often repaired, and often demolished. I explore how digital fabrication can help citizens not only make infrastructure, but repair and unmake it as well.

Click here to read full submission


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